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Organizations and businesses are constantly looking for ways to increase the market share of their products and overall profitability of the organization. And one of the most effective and efficient ways of achieving this is by effective product distribution. This is done through efficient and well managed product awareness and distribution campaigns like using different and appropriate media for product awareness creation, promotions and multiple channel of distribution.

What is this service?

Our Product Distribution service is designed to support manufacturers and distributors to maximise their products’ reach and penetration in emerging or existing African and Middle Eastern markets. Through this service, we ensure that products are easily available and accessible to their potential consumers/users.

How does this work?

Well, it is quite easy! All a manufacturer or distributor has to do is to grant us an exclusive distribution right in their market(s) of interest.

What does it include?

This usually includes feasibility studies, marketing planning/strategy, advertisement and promotions, wholesale distribution, product exportation/importation, etc.

We are constantly improving our distribution network and competencies to ensure that we exceed our customers’ distribution needs and expectation.

For your optimum products distribution, think Zeking.