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Training and Placement

My BlogTraining and Placement

This is the advisory aspect of our services. It focuses on helping individuals or institutions to make sound and excellent informed international training and placement decisions. People want to either study, work/recruit, or get trained abroad. This is great and offers many wonderful opportunities just that it is also difficult to find the right institutions and individuals to do this with. That is where we come in.

What does this service include?

Our Training and Placement services covers the following areas:

Student Placement

This is our service that helps students that want to study abroad gain admission into reputable academic institutions in the UAE. We help them to

  • Chose the best university from the many available options,
  • Initiate and complete the documentation and application processes, and
  • Come alongside them as they begin their transition process if granted admission.

Job Placement & Hiring Support

This service is designed to support international job seekers and employers who desire to work or hire from a foreign country get connected. We help employers with their talent – hunting processes by matching them with talented job seekers. Through this service, we;

  • Advise job seeker and help them to verify availability of job opportunities
  • Help them with documentation and application for the said job
  • Help them throughout the transition processes

Our commitment to ensuring that job seekers get the best job placement available have compelled us to secure employment demand offer letters from reputable and registered labour supply companies in the UAE.

International Learning & Development (L&D) Programs

This is our service that is focused on helping individuals or organizations design and identify the most appropriate Learning and Development program that meets their business needs in the UAE. We help our clients to identify the best training service providers in the UAE and support them with the following:

  • Training facility and resource material arrangement,
  • Sorting out all the travelling necessities like visas and flight/hotel booking
  • And in-country on-the-go logistics.